Think about Peace and Nuclear Power

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I made this page with my will to protest against nuclear testing and to oppose wars and nuclear weapons.

Version 1 : 9/2/95, Version 1.33' (Final update) : 8/7/99

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Indices on Peace and Nuclear Problems

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Hiroshima and Nagasaki

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Abolishment and Disarmament of Nuclear Weapons

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Protests against Nuclear Testing

The following pages are only part of protesting pages. If you search by InfoSeek or Lycos, you will find more than fifty pages that protest against the nuclear tests. For example, you can use this or this for Lycos (Warning: The result sizes more than 150kB and contains items with no cencern!)

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Links to Miscellaneous Pages on Peace

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Part of the information came from members of JCA (Japan Computer Access). There are a public announce of this page to NTT's What's New Page and public announces to netnews in English and in Japanese.