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Kanada, Y., IPSJ Magazine, Vol. 58, No. 6, pp. 17–23, June 2017.

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[ Paper PDF file (to be published in June) ]

Abstract: The current mainstream 3D design and printing methods are versatile but not versatile, so other methods may be needed. In some cases, simply specifying the surface shape is not enough, and there are some shapes that cannot be printed well by the mainstream method. In such a case, a field-oriented object model that can specify the direction (printing direction) at each point on the model, a design method using a procedural program, and a printing method that is not limited to the horizontal direction are effective. Although these methods do not have the versatility of the mainstream methods, they are effective for the purpose for which they are suitable, for example, for the formation of hollow solids. The outline of this method and the library to use draw3dp are described in another paper, but this article introduces the background, related trends, and applications. (Google translation)

Introduction to this research theme:
3D shape formation technologies


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