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Kanada, Y., International SFF Symposium 2015, August 2015.

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1201-03-01-P1311432c.jpgAbstract: Material is stacked vertically and layer-by-layer in conventional additive manufacturing (AM) methods. An object with overhang or skewed stacking structure, such as a plain dish or an empty sphere, is difficult to be created by these methods without support material. This paper proposes a layer-less fused-deposition-modeling (FDM) method that enables mostly horizontal stacking of filament without support material. Such filament-stacking is enabled by increasing the height of the print head gradually, i.e., without layer transitions that make horizontal stacking difficult. The proposed method also allows controlling printing directions and various printing-direction-dependent expressions, such as fiber-like textures or brilliance, which make AM products attractive as final products for consumers or as some kinds of industrial products. Objects to be printed can be modeled as directed solid models designed by a component-based method (i.e., a new CAD based method) or a generative method, which are completely different from conventional CAD based methods.

Introduction to this research theme: 3D shape formation technologies

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Kanada, Y., International Journal of Computer, Control, Quantum and Information Engineering, WASET, Vol. 9, No. 5, pp. 568-574, 2015.

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Abstract: When printing a plate (or dish) by an FDM 3D printer, the process normally requires support material, which causes several problems. This paper proposes a method for forming thin plates without using wasteful support material. This method requires several extraordinary parameter values when slicing plates. The experiments show that the plates can, for the most part, be successfully formed using a conventional slicer and a 3D printer; however, seams between layers spoil them and the quality of printed objects strongly depends on the slicer.

Introduction to this research theme: 3D shape formation technologies

Keywords: Fused deposition modeling (FDM), 3D printing, Support-less, Layer seam, Slicer
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