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Wasting link collections

I created my home page in 1994. I was attracted tp WWW and surfed around the Web space that was still small, and made a link collection from the collected information. These link collections are still connected to my home page.

I knew a link collection is an unstable thing. Linked pages would be lost one by one, and a link collection would loose its meanings. I made efforts on my pages no to loose its meanings. However, my Web site, which was originally in Rimnet, was damaged by a cracker and I had to change my URL. I thought it was the only way to avoid such trouble again to have my own domain. So, I moved all the pages to kanadas.com. Before that, I had to change the URLs of my pages, not only the pages in Rimnet.

I talked on my link collections again. "Think about Peace and Nuclear Power" is a page that I created with my wish. For about two years after I created this page, I tried to track moved links and restored the page. However, now there is almost no live links in this page. On the other hand, most of the information on the pages called "the Hanshin Earthquake -- Information Volunteers and Computer Networks" (which was written solely in Japanese), which is a collection of information mostly from NiftyServer (now called @nifty), is still mostly available, because NiftyServe was not accessible from the Internet and thus I copied the information to my site with the authors' permission.

I guess, if the information suppliers of WWW pay attention to the continuity of their contents and URLs, link collections will be more useful, but this has not been a reality.

P. S. A related content is in Spoiled link collections.

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