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Kanada, Y., Technical Committee on Electrical Acoustics (EA), Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE), EA2007-42, August 2007.

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Abstract: Voiscape is a communication medium by which people can talk each other while moving within virtual sound space freely. By using a prototype of voiscape called VPIIQ (Voiscape Prototype II Q), the effect of difference of QoS caused by network policies was evaluated subjectively. The result showed unexpectedly that the percentage of correct answers was higher in the case in which QoS is lower in the localization test. In the sound localization tests, the percentage of correct answers was higher when subjects performed operations to move or to turn than not to do so. However, in the speaker recognition tests, opposite results were observed.

Introduction to this research theme: voiscape

Keywords: IP telephony, Voice communication, voiscape, Spatial audio, 3D sound, Virtual sound space, Quality of Experience, QoE evaluation
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