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Kanada, Y., IEICE Networking Architecture Workshop 10th Annual Workshop, pp. 106-113, IEICE, 2000.

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Abstract: To realize internet-protocol-based QoS-assured networks, using differentiated services under policy-based networking is a promising approach. A QoS policy server must work in multi-vendor environment. To use standard protocol, such as COPS or SNMP, between the policy server and routers is not sufficient, but also to define and to standardize high-level syntax and semantics, i.e., a language, is required for interoperability. This paper describes the outline of a rule-based language for this purpose. Policy rules can be defined in the policy server and can be deployed to routers or router proxies using this language through an appropriate protocol such as COPS, SNMP, or IIOP. The language consists of several types of rules, i.e., matching, policing (or metering), marking, discarding, and scheduling types, and linkage labels that connects rules. A MIB and/or PIB that simulates the language is also explained in this paper. The language will be implemented in near future.

Introduction to this research theme: Policy-based Networking

Keywords: Policy-based management, Policy-based network management, QoS policy, COPS, Common Open Policy System

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