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Kanada, Y., PARBASE-90, IEEE, pp. 147-151, 1990.

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Abstract: This paper presents a vectorized algorithm for entering data into a hash table. A program that enters multiple data could not be executed on vector processors by conventional vectorization techniques because of data dependences. Our method enables execution of multiple data entry by conventional vector processors and improves the performance by a factor of 12.7 when entering 4099 pieces of data on the Hitachi S-810, compared to the normal sequential method. This method is applied to the address calculation sorting and the distribution counting sort, whose main part was unvectorizable by previous techniques. It improves performance by a factor of 12.8 when n = 2^14 on the S-810.

[No English abstract is available.]

Introduction to this research theme: Logic/Symbolic Vector Processing

Keywords: Sorting, Hashing, Vectorization of symbol processing, Vectorized symbol processing, Parallel symbol processing, Supercomputing, Super symbol processing, Parallel processing, Vector processing

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