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Kanada, Y., Kojima, K., and Sugaya, M., ACM International Conference on Supercomputing, pp. 539-549, St. Malo, 1988.

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Abstract: Several techniques for running Prolog programs on pipelined vector processors, such as the Hitachi S-820 or the Cray-2, are developed. This paper presents an automatic program transformation (vectorization) method of Prolog, which enables a type of or-parallel execution of Prolog programs using vector operations. Performance is evaluated on the Hitachi S-810 using the Eight-Queens Problem. Its vector execution speed is 4.5 MLIPS (18 ms). This is eight or nine times faster than scalar execution. This result confirms the effectiveness of vectorization techniques and applicability of vector prodcessors to Prolog execution and symbol processing applications.

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Introduction to this research theme: Logic/Symbolic Vector Processing

Keywords: Logic programming language, Programming language processor, Vectorization of symbol processing, Vectorized symbol processing, Parallel symbol processing, Supercomputing, Super symbol processing, Parallel processing, Vector processing
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