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date: 22-Sep-94
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excerpt: Desktop Magazine article on Xanadu Xanadu more than just electronic publishing and document storage by Craig Sanders Originally published in Desktop Magazine August 1994. Reproduced with permission. We have all heard the term electronic publishing countless times over the last few years, but it seems to be one of those marketing buzzwords, illdefined and basically meaningless. So what IS electronic publishing? The Xanadu Project think that they have the answer to that question. If anyone does, they do after all Xanadus visionary founder, Ted Nelson, is the inventor of many revolutionary concepts in the fields of text

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date: 22-Sep-94
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outline: Submission to the Broadband Services Experts Group 1. Nature of, and Demand for, Broadband services 4. Industry Development/Export and Employment Opportunities 6. Impacts on the Australian Community Conclusion

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excerpt: BSEG Submission Submission to the Broadband Services Experts Group in response to the January 1994 Discussion Paper. 1. Nature of, and Demand for, Broadband services The XanaduTM project was founded by Ted Nelson, who invented the concepts of hypertext and hypermedia and coined the words in his 1965 ACM national conference presentation A File Structure for the Complex, the Changing and the Indeterminate. The project aims to create and promote the creation of software to support a global distributed hypermedia filesystem in which all digitised information in the world can be efficiently stored, searched and retrieved. This system is now emerging; the Internet and other networks are providing the necessary worldwide communications infrastructure and a variety

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date: 26-Sep-94
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