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April 19, 1994: Xanadu Australia has announced a Gopher and WWW home page for Xanadu, the legendary hypertext system that inspired WWW. It features the Bill of Information Rights and the Xanadu FAQ. (nwn)
The Gopher and WWW server for Xanadu, the original Hypermedia system.
[Xanadu, Hypertext, Hypermedia, Distributed, Publishing, Repository] (ali)
Xanadu Australia
Home Page for Xanadu Australia, a licensee of Ted Nelson's Xanadu World Publishing Repository system.
[Xanadu, Hypermedia, Publishing] (ali)
Xanadu Bill of Information Rights
A Bill of Rights for information freedom.
[Xanadu, Information, Rights] (ali)
Xanadu FAQ
Frequently Answered Questions about Xanadu.
[Xanadu, Hypertext, Hypermedia] (ali)
Xanadu: The Information Future
A compilation of writings by Ted Nelson describing the Xanadu system.
[Xanadu] (ali)
The Xanadu Ideal
The ideals of the Xanadu project.
[Xanadu, Ideals] (ali)
Computer game reviews by Lee Perkins.
Computer game reviews by Australian syndicated columnist Lee Perkins.
[Game, Reviews] (ali)
The Hacker Crackdown
Electronic release of The Hacker Crackdown by Bruce Sterling.
[Hacker, Book] (ali)
Serious Cybernetics
Home Page for Serious Cybernetics, a computer consultancy.
[Consulting] (ali)
Glass Wings
Home Page for Glass Wings, a publisher.
[Publishing] (ali)
PolyEster Records & Books
Home Page for PolyEster Records & Books, a retailer.
[Music, Records, Books, Entertainment, Retail, Shop] (ali)
LETS: The Economic System of Giving
Article about Local Economic Trading Systems.
[Local, Economic, Trading, Currency, Money] (ali)
AIchat Artificial Intelligence Chat program for DOS.
[AI, Chat] (ali)
Hypertext and Hypermedia
Xanadu (mis)

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